Twist & lock: nutshell structures

Very happy to see our latest nutshell research on pistaccio featured in Science Magazine, many local newspapers as well as in Ö1 (Wissen aktuell) Pistachios wallop walnuts as the toughest nut to crack | Science | AAAS (

Cell shape formation in Micrasterias

Dedicated to URSULA Lütz-Meindl: she impressed me during my student days as an excellent and competent female lecturer…so happy to do with her Raman imaging on MICRASTERIAS 20 years later @BOKUvienna and so sad that I had to finish this paper alone.

Belt for the cell

Sebastian Antreich finds a „belt for the cell“ and discusses the role of these cellulosic cell wall thickenings to shape the interlocked 3D-puzzle cells in walnut shells

Defensio Martin Felhofer

Big congratulations to @FelhoferMartin@BOKUvienna 3 great studies (…,…,…) great dissertation and today an outstanding oral defence. Many thanks for all your contributions and awesome graphics!

Cuticle research (START-project @FWF)

Check out our new contribution to plant cuticle research ( @PlantMethods! CONGRATS NADIA SASANI (PhD student @BOKUvienna in the START Project „Plant surfaces and interfaces“ (#FWF_at) and co-authors Peter Bock and @FelhoferMartin – well done .