Research and Projects

Biological materials are designed to fulfil many different properties for growth and survival. To gain a better understanding of the unique functionalities (e.g. defence, meachanical stability, clean surfaces), insights into the composition and structure on the different hierarchical levels (organ, tissue, cell, micro and nano-level) are of importance.

Our research group focuses on revealing chemistry on the micro- level by using the Raman imaging approach and at the same time structure, surface and mechanical properties on the nano scale by using Atomic force microscopy. These methods are aimed to be applied in-situ without sample dehydration to elucidate functionality and design in the native state. These two non-destructive methods furthermore offer the possibility to monitor changess during e.g. dehydration or tensing or enzymatic treatment. Additionally we aim at investigating and understanding adaptation due to environmental changes (e.g. drought stress).

Our current projects are:

European Research Consolidator Grant

FWF START project