the puzzle of the walnut shell

we are very happy that the fascinating results on the interlocked packing of the polylobate cells in the walnut shells are published in Advanced Science: supplementary video 2 CT-cell-arrangement supplementary video 1 CLSM stack scan

New important contribution on Raman band assignment

  We are very happy to announce that the first important paper of Peter Bock   „Infrared and Raman spectra of lignin substructures: Coniferyl alcohol, abietin, and coniferyl aldehyde“ is published in the  „Journal of Raman Spectroscopy“   A comprehensive collection of spectra with band assignment is made available in the supplementary materials.

PhD defense Batirtze Prats-Mateu

It´s done. Yesterday Bati gave an excellent talk on „Tip in-light on: Raman and AFM studies of biological materials“ and mastered very good all questions. CONGRATULATION and all the best for the future. Also the other group member did a very good job by providing a really good doctoral hat  and a nice surprise.  

Post-doc position on Atomic force microscopy

Revealing structure, mechanics and chemistry of plant cell walls on the nanoscale using Atomic force microscopy (AFM) Extent of employment: full time (40 Hours per Week) Duration of employment: 12 months, extendible to 24 month We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher with background in biophysics to join the interdisciplinary research group “BIONAMI” weiterlesen…