1 st International Plant Spectroscopy Conference

The 1st International Plant Spectroscopy Conference takes place on August 29-30 this year in the remote but charming location of Umeå, Sweden.

Registration is open via the conference homepage http://conference.plantspec.org

The conference is the first of a biannual international conference series that the International Society for Plant Spectroscopy (ISPS, http://plantspec.org) intends to organise, with the aim of bringing spectroscopy to plant scientists and plant sciences to spectroscopists. The conference will also serve as an official kick-off for ISPS and we hope to welcome as many of you as possible to make this series a success.

Our aim with this conference series is to open up a communication channel and to showcase the plethora of available spectroscopic techniques and their potential in plant sciences, benefiting both fields, from fundamental to applied research, from academic to industrial applications. Session and keynote speakers are invited to represent major spectroscopic fields, with direct applications in plant sciences:

Vibrational (micro)spectroscopy: Janina Kneipp (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany) and Hartwig Schulz (Julius Kühn Institute, Quedlinburg, Germany)

Synchrotron-based techniques: Frédéric Jamme (SOLEIL, Paris, France)

Mass spectroscopy-based techniques: Helene Rogniaux (INRA Nantes, France)

Auto-fluorescence based techniques: Lloyd Donaldson (Scion Research, New Zealand)

Data analysis techniques for spectroscopic data: Anna de Juan (University of Barcelona, Spain)

The conference programme will also include a visit to the instrumental core facilities of the Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) at Umeå University (http://www.kbc.umu.se/english/).1st_ISPSConference_flyer_A4

You can find more details, including the preliminary programme, registration fees and deadlines and other practical information on the conference website: