Batirtze Prats Mateu

Batirtze Prats Mateu, MSc

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

Institute of Biophysics
Muthgasse 11
1190 Vienna


  • 2006-2011 MSc Biotechnology at the Polytechnique University of Valencia, Spain.
  • 2012-currently MSc Molecular Medicine at the University of Vienna.
  • From April 2014 PhD candidate at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU).


  • 2009 Practical period at the CSIC-IATS (3 Months) “Regulation of food intake in teleost fishmetabolic and neuroendocrine factors. Effect of the stress” Institute of Aquaculture of Torre la Sal (IATS) Ribera de Cabanes, Castellón Spain. Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
  • 2010-2011 MSc thesis at the Institute of Biophysics (DNBT, BOKU, Vienna): “Fluorescent sensors based on bacterial fusion proteins”
  • 2013: FEM TECH-Internship at the Austrian Institute of Technology: “Cell shaped induced changes of cell functions: controlled up-take using ionic interfaces”
  • 2014: PhD candidate in the START-project “Plant surfaces and interfaces: Lignin, suberin and cutin”.